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Natural Food Colouring - Blue

Natural Food Colouring - Blue

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Whip up some delicious magic with Natural Food Colouring! Gorgeously bright blue dye is made with naturally sourced purple powerhouses like elderberries and pumpkins, so you can add fabulous colour to your creations without any of the guilt. Add a splash of funk to your favourites and impress your guests - Blue is what you need!

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Bring your baking to life, Whether it's a batch of buttercream cupcakes for the kiddos, or fondant-covered cakes for fancy occasions

Hopper Natural Colours are pH sensitive and work best in slightly acidic environments. If you are using alkaline ingredients such as eggs and milk you may want to add a small amount of acid such as lemon juice, citric or tartaric acid (all natural ingredients). The most affected colours are pink, purple and particularly the red it goes pinky purple. We recommend testing the colours in a planned mixture to ensure desired colour can be reached prior to any important event.

Please also note, that colours will fade during baking and the colour may alter due to the heat and pH of the product. We do not recommend using them in baking products without experimenting first.

We do recommend storing the product in the fridge or freezer to ensure stability in extreme temperatures and to maintain colour intensity. The best before date is only a guide and we recommend using your judgement as to whether you wish to continue using the product after its best before date.

The product can be frozen and thawed many times over. We recommend using your judgement in whether to use after the best before date. Defrost to room temperature prior to use. Can be frozen and defrosted repeatedly as required. Product remains a liquid even when stored in freezer


Spirulina, invert sugar, sucrose, citric acid