In 2018, I began my journey of living additive free. This all began when my third son was born, and my other son was diagnosed with a neurological disorder that made his behaviour quite tough to handle. I was looking for ways to manage his behaviour , so I decided to take an online course to learn more. It turned out to be a real eye-opener!

By making more thoughtful choices in the things I use every day like personal care products, household items, and what I consumed, I noticed that I started feeling better overall. Previously, even a minor cold would greatly affect me. Dealing with asthma, eczema, and seasonal allergies was a constant struggle. However, upon implementing these changes, my reliance on the asthma inhaler reduced significantly, my use of antihistamines became infrequent, and I no longer needed to consult the doctor for steroid creams. While my son's behavioural challenges, stemming from his diagnosed condition, didn't completely disappear, I certainly noticed a positive shift in his behaviour.

I'm a now a mum to five boys, with three of them have different diagnoses. We're not totally perfect in what we eat, but I do my best to pick the better choices

I founded The Wellness Pantry because I've experienced the crazy pace of life myself. I get how challenging it is to embark on an additive-free journey. The whole process of researching, reading labels, and second-guessing your choices can feel overwhelming. It's also confusing when you're in the health food section or store and come across products loaded with chemicals but marketed as "healthy." So, I want to share what I've learned to assist others in making healthier choices for their well-being and health.

We are dedicated to choosing products that are both ethical and healthy. We're selective about the products we offer, making sure they meet our high standards and match our values. This way, we're promoting a lifestyle that's healthier and better for the environment. This approach doesn't just benefit your own health and well-being. It also supports businesses and industries that care about society and the planet.

In reflecting on my journey, I appreciate the individuals who facilitated the initiation of my journey, the lessons I've learned, and the opportunities that have shaped me into who I am today. As I look ahead, I'm excited about the new challenges and adventures awaiting me. I believe that by staying true to my passion and continuing to learn and grow, I can make a meaningful impact in other peoples lives. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to connecting with you.

I hope you love what we are doing as much as we do.

With Love Hayley